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Cool Under Pressure

 Sorting the Steering & Prepping for Lockers Man! I'm good at this blogging thing... Only two years since I posted about the Battle Wagon. I've been busy wheeling, camping, and working. I borrowed a buddy's shop and we spent a day a couple of weeks ago installing a new power steering system. I installed new high-pressure and low-pressure lines, new AN fittings, a new pump, and a new reservoir, and replaced the factory paperclip fluid cooler with an aluminum dual pass cooler. What a difference! I plan on replacing the steering box with a custom box from AGR that will include a Land Cruiser 1-5 sector shaft upgrade and it will also be tapped for hydro-assisted steering. Next up...  ARB Lockers installed, new birfields, knuckle rebuild, and wiring the locker controls to the factory switch and indicators.