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Spring Time Sunday Stroll

 Stretching Our Legs in the Nevada Desert Desert landscape has some of the most unappreciated beauty in the world. There's nothing quite like it and while it may seem desolate, it is vibrant, diverse, and alive. My daughter and I had a change to take Yagi out to appreciate some of that beauty on this beautiful Sunday in March.

Take a Seat.. Or Two

 A New Home for My Buns! I got my Corbeau LG1 XL seats installed today. Pretty comfy, but a tight fit in an already snug vehicle made by small Japanese men. I think I'll put some Scheel-Mann Vario XL seats in eventually, but these will do for now.


 Plasti-Dip is the Devil! I got the plastidip off the wheels and I think it looks so much better! I also got my Wheelskin installed along with my HAM radio and got some Battle Born Cruisers flare on the spare tire carrier.

It is Good to Have Fabrication Friends

 Mounts, mounts, and more Mounts! I took Yagi to my buddy Ryan's house to get some mounts fabricated. Three out of four were completed because I need to do some rearranging in the engine compartment for the compressor to fit. sPOD and UDA module Hi-Lift mount I need to pull the boat battery left by the PO and install a smaller blue top Optima in a box and possibly replace the factory coolant overflow and windshield washer bottles to fit the ARB twin compressor. 

Break Breaker...

 HAM's in the GOAT I got my ham installed. This is the the forever home for my radio, but it is properly terminated on both ends of the power with an inline fuse. I took out the shifter console and cut a relief for the end of the radio. I sanded, cleaned/degreased the console surface before shooting it with some textured topcoat. The final install will be routed through my sPOD unit and installed into the Delta Vehicles Systems console I plan to install. The plate with their logo can be ordered blank so I can install the radio into it. The sPOD will give it a switched power supply. I may end up going to the FTM-400DR to make for an easier and cleaner install. NEXT UP... Fabricating a custom mount (or mounts) under the hood for the ARB twin compressor and sPOD control panel.