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Well We Movin On Up!

 To a Rooftop Tent in the Sky, hi, hi... So I have a GoFast Campers Superlite RTT on-order, but they are delayed into 2022 and I wanted one for this season of offroad, overland, and camping. These things are like 80lbs and only 4-inches tall when closed! I went for a SmittyBilt Overlander XL Gent 2 (75x120 when open! 147lbs) and mounted to Yagi yesterday... It has been in my garage for two months waiting on my to get around to dealing with it! I decided to go with the clamshell design of the Superlite to make setup and breakdown easier than a ground tent... This fold-out RTT is not filling me with joy! First time setup and breakdown was a serious pain for me and my first instinct is to get the dang thing off my rig! But it was my first time dealing with it so I think I need to give it a few tries before I condemn it. I think I will hold onto this Overlander tent after this season and mount it to a custom trailer. Having it lower to the ground will make setup and breakdown far easier to

Let There Be Light!

 Well at least headlight housings... I tracked down some South American spec headlight assemblies for my Yagi. These were a major list item for me if I ever owned an FZJ80 Land Cruiser and I am so pleased that I managed to find a brand new set. I found these in Dubai! I need to decide what to do for lights, but I am not in hurry on this one. I want to get it right. This is what it should look like once installed though.

Winch Swap Day!

Major Upgrade Day! I finally got around to installing my bargain bin Warn Zeon 10-S winch that I got for half price because it was "non-functioning." New controller and BAM fully operational! The bumper isn't designed to accept this winch, so I had to make some 1-1/4" spacers for the foot mount to get the winch to clear the taper of the bumper. I finished it off with a Factor55 Ultrahook and RRP. The controller pack is zipped to the bumper for now while I figure out a mounting solution for it. I'll be cutting the roller fairlead mounts off and making a front license plate holder to cover the top line feed opening.