Break Breaker...

 HAM's in the GOAT

I got my ham installed. This is the the forever home for my radio, but it is properly terminated on both ends of the power with an inline fuse. I took out the shifter console and cut a relief for the end of the radio. I sanded, cleaned/degreased the console surface before shooting it with some textured topcoat.

The final install will be routed through my sPOD unit and installed into the Delta Vehicles Systems console I plan to install.

The plate with their logo can be ordered blank so I can install the radio into it. The sPOD will give it a switched power supply. I may end up going to the FTM-400DR to make for an easier and cleaner install.


Fabricating a custom mount (or mounts) under the hood for the ARB twin compressor and sPOD control panel.


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