Light'em Up!

 Stereo Redux 2.0... (There will be a 3.0) & Replacing Bulbs

The PO (I think two POs ago) did a number on the stereo he installed. House speaker wire, power, ground, and accessory power wired apart from the factory harness and the factory amp gutted. He left a rat's nest of wires behind the dash as well as cutting out all the supports and just setting an aftermarket stereo in the hole.

It took me a while to sort things out, get the joints soldered and everything to fit. It isn't where I want it to be, but it is better than it was. I decided to ignore the factory harness, and wire up a new one too. 3.0 will involve new speakers, new amp, new speaker wire and I'll connect all of it to the factory harness to keep things clean.

I got the dimmer working!

Installed new bulbs in the dash to improve visibility and get all the indicators working.

I got all the switches and aux audio & power ports installed. I also shot the bezel with textured black topcoat so I could delete the hole in the dash above the radio. You can see the little LED (top right) in the pic below and it is gone in the video above.

I might go off the deep-end on the LED thing and solder new bulbs inside the push buttons switches and A/C controls. We'll see how bored I get in the coming weeks.


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